Become a Qualified Personal Trainer


Nationally Accredited Courses Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215) and Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315) are provided by Healthy Nation (Australia) Pty Ltd RTO 45428.  


Are you passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals? Would you like to choose your own hours or be your own boss?  The health and fitness industry is booming and it is a great time to become a nationally qualified Personal Trainer.

Your training starts with Fitness Foundations, a series of eight units from the Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315 ), before commencing the  Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215).  Along the way you will be able to take part in our monthly Healthy Nation Team Workshops including The Fitness Intensives, Coaching Workshops and Mastermind Sessions.

Our Training Programs combine the benefits of real world, hands on training with the convenience and simplicity of online learning.

At the completion of the Fitness Leader Program you will gain the following Nationally Accredited Qualifications :

  • Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215)

  • Pre Requisite Units from Cert III in Fitness (SIS30315)

Our mission is to build the world's leading community of fitness influencers.  By working together, we will make a positive impact on the wellbeing of our chosen communities. 

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Healthy Nation has created a range of innovative programs to educate a new breed of Personal Trainer capable of standing out from the crowd.


Course Duration

Self Paced (Between 3 and 12 Months)
Enrolment up to 12 Months
Extensions are available if more time is needed

Payment Options

Deposit + weekly payment
Deposit + monthly payment
Upfront Payment


Course Delivery Options


Option 1: Online Program

You can learn from a range of online learning materials and complete the simple short answer questions and case studies anywhere and anytime. The Online Program has been designed for people who want to study at their own pace with minimal need for travel or face to face learning.


Option 2: Campus Program

The Campus Program includes all the items included in the Online Program plus additional support and training to help you fast track professional learning and development. This Option is perfect for student who want to get in and get it done and have the time and passion to attend face-to-face workshops.


Advanced Course Packages

The Health Coach Program

The Health Coach Program is designed to enable our graduates to combine training in Personal Training and Life Coaching. The program includes the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching recognised by the International Coach Federation allowing you to extend your relationship to the client as their Personal Coach in addition to supporting them as a Personal Trainer.

The Fitness Entrepreneur Program

The Fitness Entrepreneur Program is designed to enable our graduates to create a strong personal brand and build an online fitness business. The program includes additional training in Personal Branding and Online Marketing. This is a graduate program and entry requirements include successful completion of the Cert IV in Fitness and personal interview with our Careers Manager.

The Industry Leaders Program

The Industry Leaders Program is designed for graduates who want to build a strong profile within the Fitness Industry. The program includes additional training in Leadership, Professional Speaking and Business Management. This is a graduate program and entry requirements include successful completion of the Cert IV in Fitness and personal interview with our Chief Executive Officer.

Graduate Opportunities

Start your Career:  Work for a local gym or fitness centre training your own clients as a qualified Personal Trainer.  If you want to take group fitness sessions choreographed to music (aerobics) you will need to complete additional units of competency.  There are over 5,000 fitness centres in Australia alone and they have a range of employment options. 

Some gyms will pay you as a part time or full time employee (hourly rate), others will ask you to pay a weekly fee (rent) in exchange for you running your own business from the gym in addition to a range of different variations.  If you have an idea of where you would like to work upon graduation, it is worth asking the owner what options are available.  

Work for Yourself:  As the wellness and weight loss industries continue to boom, there are an increasing number of self employment and business opportunities within the fitness industry.  For some, this means starting with outdoor fitness programs with minimal overheads and low risk whilst for others it is the dream of owning your own Personal Training Studio or Fitness Centre.  Over the past 20 years, we have seen many of our clients go on start and grow very successful businesses. 

We have a wide range of case studies ranging from people who have opened a chain of gyms, massive outdoor group fitness businesses, huge gyms and specialised programs such as corporate health, children's fitness, youth programs and programs for seniors.  Some of our clients have even gone onto start businesses that provides provide products and services to the fitness industry itself.  

Join our Team:    We would like you to join our team once your graduate and continue your learning and development and share in fun adventures along the way.  We will teach you how to generate interest in your target client base,  meet new clients,  perform health screening and fitness assessments, deliver programming and a wide range of engaging and effective training sessions. 

In addition, you will work with clients as a Personal Coach, helping them find their inspiration and motivation to keep going until they reach their goals. 

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The Fitness Courses and Careers Guide Includes:

  • Everything you need to know about Healthy Nation including our courses and the fitness career opportunities available to you.

  • Detailed information about each course, the timings and unit listings included.

  • Pricing and payment options including all the terms and conditions of enrolment.

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