Healthy Teachers Program

The program starts with a four week program to engage teachers and school staff in the wellness conversation. 

Each Module is emailed directly to the school teachers and staff.  Schools are busy places and teachers have no spare time, so each episode require between 5 and 10 minutes each week. 


Personal Review Activity

Each week, the teachers are asked to complete a brief personal review activity.  This process allow us to identify what information has been of most use to the teachers and identify if there is any further coaching needs identified.  

The Personal Review information is kept confidential and the information is used to ensure that we track feedback on each module and provide additional support when it is needed. 


Program Feedback

Healthy Schools has enabled us to provide support for our teachers
— Craig Martin - School Principal (Moore Park State School)
The program has reminded me to take care of the most important things first - ma and my health.
— Scott Olsson - School Principal (Peak Hill Central School)