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Healthy Schools is committed to supporting the wellbeing and wellness of our busy teachers.  If you are a school principal and would like to receive more information about the Healthy Schools program click here

We are mindful that the whole school community includes the Principal, Teachers, Staff, Parents and Students.  The Healthy Schools program supports the health, wellbeing and performance of teachers as the main focus.

Healthy Principal: The Healthy School Program starts with a meeting with the School Principal to identify the key challenges and priorities for improving the wellbeing within the Teachers and Staff at the school.  Using the Sustainable Leadership model, we support the School Principal in taking care of their own wellbeing and mental health.

Healthy Teachers: Teachers are passionate, hard working time poor professionals.  Research shows that while teachers have high levels of job satisfaction, they are struggling with fatigue, overwhelm and stress.  The Healthy Schools Program is a wellness coaching program designed specifically for busy educators and staff.  

Healthy Staff: Wellbeing within the administration and support team at a school are important elements to be considered.  The Whole School Approach includes each stakeholder in the conversation to create a healthy happy culture in the school.  If you administration and support team at the school are healthy and happy, they have the capacity to enjoy working in a high performance environment.

Our Advisory Board provide feedback and input to making our programs effective.  The team includes experienced School Principals from around Australia who have provided the leadership to implement the Healthy Schools Program within their school.  They are a source of grass roots ideas and inspiration to support other schools on their Healthy Schools journey.

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